Motorcycle storage

  • Storage
    All bikes are kept in secure storage. It is a dry, secure building.
    All bikes are inspected for damage when they arrive and the oil, water and anti-freeze levels are checked and topped up as necessary.
    The tyres are inflated to above normal pressures to avoid flat spots and the bike is then put into storage and the battery disconnected.

Storage options

  • Monthly start-up...

    Every month oil and water levels are checked and engine is run to operating temperature.
    The bike is rolled to prevent tyre and bearing damage.
    The brakes and clutch are operated.
    The electrical systems are tested.
    The battery is checked and all other systems are checked for leaks.

  • Battery Conditioner...

    We can fit your motorbike with a battery conditioner to ensure the battery is kept in good condition.
    This is ideal for bikes with complex electrical and alarm systems that can be upset by an interruption to the power supply.

  • Dehumidified Storage Chamber...

    The ideal way to store your bike.
    Once inside your bike is dried and a constant supply of air is circulated around it 24 hrs a day.
    This option also includes a battery conditioner to keep your battery in tiptop condition.

  • Cotton covers...

    We can fit your own covers to your bike whilst in storage or can supply cotton covers to keep dust at bay and protect paintwork from damage

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